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Dollarphotoclub_48367623Have you experienced a moment when you or a family member could not get enough air, could hear the wheezing, feel the shallow breaths, or always have to carry an inhaler around, and pay attention to not overdo while playing sports? Sound familiar?

Or maybe you also suffer from seasonal hay fever, sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy, red eyes? Your allergies may be from pollen, animal dander, molds, or even food allergies? You might be on daily allergy medicine and suffer rather terribly anyway.

Unfortunately I know exactly how you feel and so do my children. We have all grown up with asthma and allergies, including my parents, my sister and her children as well. There is definitely a family tendency towards asthma and allergies and my children didn’t escape despite breast-feeding them both for a year!

However we did make changes in how we eat, I have practiced breathing techniques with my children, we exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water, we also made changes in our home to decrease allergens, and we take steps to manage stress in a healthy way. Sounds easy enough, right? It can be, if you are a very dedicated soul, however for many of us, myself included, it is not so easy to change our habits so easily.
That is where I come in. With my support, I will guide you and your family through these changes to improve allergies and asthma. Also, in working with an allergist, you can get tested for molds, pollen, dust mites, etc. for a more thorough big picture.

Growing up in Colorado, I clearly remember at the age of four, going to a special clinic to learn how to use a nebulizer aka breathing machine. Another memory I have is getting a prick test done on my back to find out what I was allergic to. I remember a good part of my back being full of red, itchy bumps, indicating a few allergies. My twin sister and I both suffered from asthma, allergies and a weakened immune system, so we were often sick, on antibiotics and cortisone medication. My sister and I could never stay at friends’ house if they had a furry animal. We always were aware of our limits when it came to exercise. It was frustrating to say the least. My mom also suffered from asthma and allergies growing up and had a few scares since there was not the ‘puffer’ or Ventolin inhaler to ease her symptoms and my dad suffered from seasonal hay fever. Now, I have two children of my own and despite breast-feeding each of them for a year, both of my children were often sick and suffer as well from allergies and asthma, especially my youngest. Besides dust mites, cat and pollen allergies she was also allergic to cow dairy products and she is still allergic to nuts.

During my children’s early years, we did not eat in a way that would heal our bodies. We continued to eat lots of sugar, chocolate, bread, and pasta. My children were suffering, I was suffering from low energy, asthma, allergies, weight gain, mood swings, cravings, lack of focus and drive, and the list goes on. I have been also very frustrated with the allopathic medical care system. As a concerned mother, I rarely felt listened to, that my concerns were not being heard or just brushed aside, that I was a hypochondriac mother, that I was an anxious, worried silly woman. (Just typing this makes me feel angry) My family and I saw many doctors, and after 5 years of medical treatment (often a cough syrup prescribed for my daughter’s ‘cough’, which was really asthma), I got through to a young doctor who was replacing our family doctor that day. Hallelujah! Finally, someone else thought that it wasn’t normal that my daughter was sick every month and on antibiotics and cortisone drugs very regularly. We were able to see a lung specialist, get my daughter diagnosed, and offered a treatment plan for her asthma. She finally had a winter where she wasn’t sick constantly, granted she was on seretide, singular, claratyne, and the Ventolin inhaler, but I wasn’t staying with her all night to listen to how she was breathing, cringing when I heard her awful barky cough, and seeing that she was once again on antibiotics and cortisone drugs and had to stay home from school. For me traditional allopathic medicine has its’ place especially when it comes to saving someone’s life because they cannot breathe or are having a life threatening allergic reaction. But I do firmly believe that diet, exercise, and breathing techniques can go an enormous way to preventing the need for regular asthma and allergy medication and leading a healthier and happier life overall.

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Bobbi Maulet is a certified holistic health coach and massage therapist based in Chamonix, France.

She specializes in helping moms and families overcome asthma and allergies. She also works with women experiencing low energy via online contact or in person. Bobbi provides Swedish massage and sports massage in Chamonix, France.  

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