Asthma, allergies and a pet?

shutterstock_134432213A dilemma has come about in our household these days.  My son would really like to have a pet, preferably a furry pet.  Technically he is only allergic to cats according to the allergy tests.  However, those tests are not 100% reliable nor is it recommended to keep a furry friend in the home if you or any family members suffers from asthma and allergies.  I am allergic to anything that has fur and my daughter is allergic to cats.  Also, considering we do like to go away for the weekend to visit family and away on holiday, having a pet is not ideal.  Of course, we would always find a solution but having a pet is something else to take care of.  If it were only up to me I would not get a pet.

So, what to do?

After researching for some time online and asking questions at the local pet store, I concluded that the best pet for us is a turtle or fish.  I would prefer fish since they do not live a long time whereas a turtle can live up to 50 years old!!  However, a turtle or a fish is simply not the same as a furry friend.  It really is hard not to give in to buying a furry animal, yet I know in the interests of my children’s health it is smarter to keep with reptiles or fish.

There is the option of a ‘hypoallergenic dog or cat’ but it is a myth.  It is not the fur that bothers asthmatics or those with allergies. It is the dander, the saliva, and the urine, hay or other kinds of plants needed for the animal, and dust and mold that may be on the animal that causes the problems.  My sister had a test period with a very cute hypoallergenic dog in her home for a month and unfortunately it did not work out for them, but I know for others it has become the solution that worked for them.

We were thinking to get an animal for the kids for Christmas but I think we will give it more thought and research, at least I will.  I would love to hear what any of you have come up with in your children’s interest for a pet!

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