Asthma, Allergies, and a Pet Part 2


I last wrote about my time spent before the Christmas holidays researching various options as a pet for my children.  The first weekend of Christmas break, my family and I headed to the local pet store to ask questions and learn more about different animals available.  Note: I made it clear that we were not buying a pet that day.  Well…we walked out of that store with our baby rabbit newly named, Carrot.  Since I am so good at making up new rules and immediately breaking them, I added some new ones.

1) I am not taking care of Carrot.

2) This is a 2 week trial period.  If any of us had any problems such as allergies or breathing issues, he is to be returned to the store.

Now Carrot requires hay to eat and preferably straw for his bed.  So not am I only allergic to rabbits or anything else that has fur, but I am also allergic to hay and straw. Again, I made it clear to my family that I would not be the one taking care of Carrot, feeding him, cleaning his cage, playing with him and so on.  The kids took good care of him while they were home their first week of vacation, then they left to visit the grandparents.  My husband and especially I, continued to care for Carrot the remaining week of vacation, then school started.

Guess what?  I am doing the majority of the work concerning our rabbit.  My allergies don’t bother me, however I am using the Ventolin inhaler sometimes once a day where I almost never use my inhaler unless I am sick or in a polluted or humid place.  My children do not seem to be bothered yet they don’t spend a lot of time with him either.

Just to be clear, this is not a house rabbit in that we let him roam wherever he wants.  He has a good size cage and we let him out 1-2 times a day for a few hours hop around and explore.  Luckily for us our wood floors are so slippery that he stays on his big blanket and remains within that space, so no worries about our furniture being chewed on!  Now though I let him hang out in the office out of his cage and if I am gone for just a short bit or downstairs.  He seems happy about the situation.

However, I am dreaming about springtime where we can let him go outside and maybe move him outside permanently so there are no problems with my asthma.  I am enjoying Carrot, but having an animal is extra work that my family and I didn’t have before.  Rabbits can live up to 10 years so it is a long-term commitment as well.

Have any of you had experiences adopting an animal as an asthmatic or suffering allergies?  Please share!

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I saw my beautiful daughter’s photo on Pinterest! Enjoyed the article. Glad to know you ARENT taking care of Carrot! :-))

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