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Chamonix Massage and Holistic Health Coach

Hi, I’m Bobbi Maulet, a holistic health coach and massage therapist in Chamonix.

Through holistic health coaching, I teach families around the world simple ways to eat well, live well and combined with massage (if you are living in or visiting Chamonix), feel amazing.


Asthma & Allergies

Are you feeling frustrated about how to handle your asthma/allergies? Would you like to have a professional take the time to listen to your concerns, create a plan to alleviate your health issues, and follow up to see how it is all going? Click here.

Massage in Chamonix

Planning to spend some time in Chamonix and looking to have a proper massage? Or maybe you live in Chamonix year round and would like to have finally found the massage therapist who suits your needs? Click now to book your massage.

Low Energy

Are you tired of being tired? Would you like to wake up with more energy and have enough energy to make it through till bedtime in a natural, healthy way? Click here to find out more.

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Coming soon: Postural Therapy using the Egosue Method

Coming soon: Postural Therapy using the Egosue Method

            I am excited to announce that I will be soon adding posture therapy as a method to help my clients help themselves remove pain, especially chronic pain from their bodies through postural exercises. Postural therapy aims to target the root cause of chronic pain including: Back pain (including disc injuries)read more →

Asthma, Allergies, and a Pet Part 2

Asthma, Allergies, and a Pet Part 2

I last wrote about my time spent before the Christmas holidays researching various options as a pet for my children.  The first weekend of Christmas break, my family and I headed to the local pet store to ask questions and learn more about different animals available.  Note: I made it clear that we were notread more →

Bobbi Maulet is a certified holistic health coach and massage therapist based in Chamonix, France.

She specializes in helping moms and families overcome asthma and allergies. She also works with women experiencing low energy via online contact or in person. Bobbi provides Swedish massage and sports massage in Chamonix, France.  

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